Thursday, August 23, 2018


I was planning to start this blog by writing about perfectionism and to end it by introducing a little tangle I've been playing with that I call Hexonu. I couldn't find just the right way to segue from one topic to the other. So I'm skipping the bit about perfectionism pretty much completely and jumping into the tangle. That is one thing I've learned about perfectionism by the way - you can just say, "This is so not worth stressing over" and move on.

What I will say about perfectionism is that I've been finding myself more interested in things that are slightly off balance, less than perfect, funky if you will. I'm attracted to the energy they have. And now, on to the tangle...

In an attempt to keep my house from sinking I was doing my annual purge of magazines. I came across an ad that was visually appealing and stopped to look at it. I was attracted to the tension between the rules of geometry and the rules of balance. The page came out to join my image files and I've been playing with the design ever since.

When I looked at the image I immediately saw hexagons with off centred "centres" and radiating lines from the centres to the vertices. Simple yet magical. The eye was pulled around the image and surprised at every turn.

In playing with the tangle I've been surprised at all the ways Hexonu can be used. It works simplified, it works shaded, it works filled...I can't wait to see how you make it work. And I know you will want to try it. It put a hex on me and I know it will put a hex on you too.


  1. Yes, it got to me, Cherryl. Thanks. A lot. :) I actually love it! Simple, enticing, inviting ... and I love Maryhill for a fill! Off to play now ... :)

  2. How fun! Thank you Cherri.

  3. This is such a fun tangle pattern. There are so many possibilities for variations with it. A great choice for a Monday! Thank, Cherryl and Linda for your inspiration!

  4. Looks great fun! Going to give Hexonu a go in a few minutes!

  5. This is one very fun tangle. The simplest ones are always the best !!! Thank you ! ✏✏

  6. Oh, I am so going to try this today after I get done running a few errands.

  7. Cherri,what fun! I love your comments about perfection...things off center (or centre) always have more appeal to me. I'm off to put my first efforts to hexonu.

  8. Hi Cherryl - Thanks so much for sharing this great tangle (good name, too!) I love the story behind it. Love your watercolour, too! I am going to take time over Labour Day weekend, putting paint down first, no strings attached :) On a side note, I hope your house okay now :) I would love some advice on keeping my apartment from sinking!!! Thanks again!

  9. With half a dozen half-finished A3 drawings queuing up for inspiration, I came back to Tanglepatterns after a long break and almost the first pattern I came across was Hexanu, which is very versatile and is a welcome fresh take on paradox, and will be sure to appear in all those 6 drawings (and new ones), all of which have unpredictable empty spaces crying out for ornamentation! Thanks for sharing.

  10. I love this and plan to start playing with it right away! Thanks so much for sharing this Cherryl!

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